School History

M E Pearson Elementary School

Location:  310 N. 11th Street

Building Opened:  1977

Named for Superintendent Matthew E. Pearson

August 20, 1974:  Agreement between City, Bethany Hospital and School district whereby district sold, Abbott, Stowe and Prescott property to the city for park purposes and the district was able to acquire land for M E Pearson school to replace Prescott.


1974 – Agreement between the district and the City of KCKs and Bethany Hospital for various transfer of property allowing the school district to acquire properly for the M. E. Pearson School (named for former Superintendent Matthew E. Pearson, 1902-1932).  The properties of Abbott, Stowe, and Prescott were given to the city for park purposes.  Bethany Hospital was to receive a portion of the park area immediately in front of the Hospital to allow their expansion.  The District obtain property located on Ohio between 11th and 12th streets for the school and additional property was acquired by eminent domain.

1975 – A motion was filed by Rudolph C. and Millie Turk for reconsideration of appraiser report. Mr. Turk presented stiff opposition and resistance to giving up the property.  Ruling by Judge Joe H. Swinehart was in favor of the District.

1977 – Constructed in 1977, the school absorbed most of the Riverview, Prescott and Lowell attendance zones.  Pearson operated with Lowell primary building as the Pearson Annex from 1977-1980.

1980 – Lowell annex closed after 1979-80 school year.

Court ordered desegregation:  M E Pearson was paired with Banneker Elementary School.  Grade 3 from both school attended Pearson; grades 4, 5 and 6 attended Banneker.

1982 – Middle School opened serving grades 6, 7 and 8.

1985 – Whittier Elementary overcrowded.  Grade 5 transferred from Whittier to Pearson.

1991 – New Whittier Elementary opened, with Grade 5 back to Whittier.  McKinley and Central Schools closed and students were sent to M E Pearson.  Boundary lines changed.  McKinley and Central attendance zones to M E Pearson.

2003 – Due to overcrowding at M E Pearson and Whittier Elementary Schools, boundary lines are being changed and (depending upon the home address), specific students will attend Central, Grant or McKinley Elementary Schools in the fall of 2004-05.